Our standard color is soft white available in all styles. Casement, Awning, and Fixed Triple Pane are available in complete beige inside and out.

Painted Exterior


  • Infrared-cured, water-based paint
  • Excellent durability/flexibility ratio
  • Outstanding adhesion and resistance to abrasions and impacts
  • High elasticity: adapts to temperature variations
  • Superior weather-resistance
  • Low solar radiation absorption thanks to pigmentation technology that minimizes heat gains (max. 32.5 °C/58.5 °F according to AAMA 615 standard)
  • Environmentally friendly (low in VOCs)
  • Meets AAMA 613 standard

We stock Nutmeg Brown and Black painted exterior.
Custom colors are available on complete window packages.

Earth Tones Comfort and peace of mind

GN Saddle Brown
BG Beige
GC Commercial Brown
BU Chesnut Brown
MU Nutmeg
GD Antique Brown

A SENSE OF STABILITY Refreshing serenity

GI Wedgewood Blue
GF Midnight Surf
GJ Ocean Blue


GH Cashmere
SW Sandalwood
IM Maize
GA Almond
AC Clay
CA Wicker

INSPIRED BY NATURE Balance and calm

GM Pebble
GK Sable
GG Moonlight Moss
GO Bonneville Green

URBAN PALETTE Modern and sophisticated

KK Dover Gray
GE Windswept Smoke
FS Slate
AS Silver
BE Bronze
GB Black

OCHERS AND ORANGES Life-giving warmth

GY Yellowstone
CC Cedar XL
GP Alu Copper
BK Capstock
GL Country Red
The Warmth of Wood Grain

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - The appearance of wood, the warmth of wood grain and the benefits of PVC.

ZO Oak
ZM Mahogany
ZY Cherry
ZP Pecan Gold
ZR Redwood
ZW Walnut

Innovative Stained PVC available for interior and/or exterior.

DOUBLENATURE® provides a range of inspiring looks that add beauty and a feeling of cosy comfort to your project, whether large or small, doors or windows. DOUBLENATURE® offers the organic and natural warmth of wood... without maintenance. At once trendy and timeless, the natural wood finish of the DOUBLENATURE® collection blends with other materials and textures to give your project its own unique look.

With a finish that can be applied inside as well as outside, DOUBLENATURE ® products provide the most realistic wood finish in the PVC industry. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, of innovation and tradition.

  • Water-based, UV-resistant stain
  • No maintenance and no deterioration—inside or outside
  • Patent pending
Exceptional insulation

The multichamber design of P.H. Tech’s profiles reduces thermal exchange and, with more enclosed air space than other brands, increases insulation values—without the addition of costly, less recyclable insulating material.

Ultra airtight

Eliminate drafts with P.H. Tech doors and windows. Built to be ultra airtight with more weatherstripping, they’re among the best in the industry. You can feel the difference: less air infiltration means more energy savings.

Extra-strong joints

Unlike mechanically assembled wood and aluminum window frames, PVC profiles are welded, and since P.H. Tech designs have more internal walls, their joints are extra-strong. That’s why P.H. Tech products pass the most demanding structural and forced entry tests with flying colors.

Years of reliable service

Durable windows and doors that will give you years of reliable service… Thanks to an exclusive PVC blend, P.H. Tech products are long-lasting and kinder to the environment in the long run.