We use high performance PPG sealed units with Intercept Spacer System. It's unique U-channel offers a thermal barrier and flexibility for increased energy-efficiency and reduced condensation.

A major advantage of this U-channel design is its flexibility. Under normal weather conditions, IG units expand and contract according to temperature changes. In ordinary IG designs, the sealant that holds the components together absorbs the stress of the continuous expansion and contraction. This eventually causes the sealant to fail and allows the insulating argon gas to escape. With the Intercept system, the U-shaped metal spacer expands and contracts instead. This enhances the stability of the sealant and allows the IG unit to maintain its insulating integrity.

Low E

We recommend low e glass on all windows. It gives you an energy efficient window that will reduce heating and cooling costs year round on all sides of your house. Low e is a nearly invisible coating on the interior glass surface that reflects long heat waves keeping them outside in the summer, and retaining them inside during the winter. OUR STANDARD LOW E IS SUNGATE400 (SG400) and is energy star rated for our northern climate. If you are concerned with direct sunlight heating your home excessively, then Solarban60 will shade more of that solar heat, but will also block that solar heat in the winter. Solarban60 reflects more heat out in the summer (heat build-up from direct sun) and the glass stays cooler, so on damp summer mornings some condensation can occur on the outside of the glass. This is completely normal and will clear up as soon as the sun comes out. Low e also reduces uv transmittance (suns rays), which help protect interior furnishings, fabrics and floors from fading.

Dual Pane Sealed UnitsR-ValueU-ValueSHGCL.T.%
3mm Clear / 3mm Clear 2.180.46 0.75 81%
3mm Clear / 3mm Sungate 400 (3) 3.580.28 0.67 78%
3mm Solarban 60 (2) / 3mm Clear 4.00 0.25 0.38 72%
3mm Solarban 70 XL / 3mm Clear 4.17 0.24 0.27 64%
4mm Solarcool / 3mm Clear 2.23 0.45 0.35 22%
4mm Solarcool / 3mm Sungate 500 3.23 0.31 0.31 21%
6mm Solarcool / 3mm Sungate 4003.580.28 0.24 18%
Triple Pane Sealed UnitsR-ValueU-ValueSHGCL.T.%
3mm Clear / 3mm Clear / 3mm Clear 3.45 0.29 0.67 74%
3mm Clear / 3mm Clear / 3mm Sungate 400 (5) 5.27 0.19 0.60 71%
3mm Solarban 60 (2) / 3mm Clear / 3mm Clear 5.27 0.19 0.35 65%
4mm Solarcool / 3mm Clear / 3mm Clear 3.45 0.29 0.30 19%
3mm Solarban 70 XL / 3mm / 3mm Clear 5.56 0.18 0.25 58%
3mm Clear / 3mm Sungate 400 (3) / 3mm Sungate 400 (5) 6.67 0.15 0.57 69%
3mm Solarban 60 (2) / 3mm clear / 3mm Solarban 60 (5) 7.70 0.13 0.33 58%
3mm Solarban 70XL / 3mm clear / 3mm Solarban 70XL 8.34 0.12 0.23 46%
6mm Solarcool / 3mm clear / 3mm Sungate 400 (5) 5.27 0.19 0.21 16%
3mm Solarban 60 / 3mm clear / 3mm Sungate 400 7.15 0.14 0.36 63%

All airspaces are ½” and argon filled U- Value: measure of heat loss
U- Values are winter night SHGC : Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
All values are centre of lite R-Value : measure of heat resistance
L.T. % : Light Transmittance %

For more information on Sungate 400, view the brochure below:

Other Low E options that block more solar heat gain are also available:

Solarcool Reflective glass

This glass creates a mirrored look on the exterior during the daylight hours. It is also tinted and provides shading and blocks solar heat gain. Available in grey and bronze.

Tinted glass

This shades your home and reduces some solar heat gain. Available in both grey and bronze.

Obscure Glass

We have several options for privacy glass, typically used in bathrooms. The most private option is Matelux, an acid-etched product that combines a satin finish with a neutral, translucent appearance. It filters light, smooths visual contours, and provides obscurity and privacy.

Shown below are Matelux, Oceanic and Rain, respectively.

Internal Grills

We have a variety of colors available in both 3/8 and 5/8 widths. Colors available are white, polished brass, brushed brass, pewter, black, polished silver, and brushed silver. Visit our showroom for details.