Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Don’t just look through your windows, take a look inside them. Vinyl windows can look similar on the outside but make sure to compare what goes into the products you’re evaluating. Visit this link for in depth details on our quality PVC that no other extruder has been able to match:

Why P.H. Tech?

The only way others lower pricing is to cut corners on one or all of these three key elements: quality of materials, quality of the manufacturing process and quality of the installation.

We take pride in manufacturing and installing only top quality products, because your home matters. Our windows exceed rating standards and most glass options are energy star rated for our climate zone, saving you energy costs. Visit our showroom and see the difference quality makes.

For renovations we recommend changing the complete window, removing all existing window frame to the original rough opening. Many times when we remove an old window we find there was little or no insulation. When installing a PVC window into your Rough Opening and not into your old window frame ( Box unit/insert), you are getting a proper seal and insulation as well as maximizing the size of your window. If there were any leaks or rots found, the wood can be repaired when the old window is removed. You get a clean PVC finish on the outside, not just a metal clad band-aid where leaks can occur. You will have a sill space on the inside to hang your blinds, not on the outside for dirt and water to accumulate.

We will install box units if you have a character home and are saving the wood interior.

Our window profiles have more chambers than any competing product, resulting in superior energy performance and strong, stable frames that won't crack or warp, as well as excellent noise reduction.

Our continuous soft pvc welded weatherstripping provides the most effective and durable seal and compression. There are no gaps or varied heights as compared to manually inserted weatherstrip, so our casement and awning windows are able to eliminate air infiltration. Our frame provision and sash limiter prevent the crushing of the bubble weatherstrip. We have a groove if weatherstrip ever needs replacing but to date we have never needed to do this as our weatherstrip has proven superior sealing in all drastic weather conditions.

Energy Star Options

Please let our office know if you require Energy Star Products for your project so we can direct you to the proper glass choices.